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In 2011, we purchased a Lane three piece Theater Seating from Furniture and Appliancemart. They failed to tell us that the piece of furniture was discontinued. We purchased a 5 year extended warranty and they didn't give us the paperwork for the extended warranty that apparently explains the rules. We only received a little flyer with their number on it.

Within 4 months, it needed a repair, which took 4 months to fix under the first year of warranty coverage through Furniture and Appliancemart. An additional repair was needed in that first year that took 6 months to fix. They kept getting the wrong parts and had to keep reordering. At that point, this piece of furniture spent more time waiting to be fixed than it had being used.

We asked for a refund or in-store credit due to their not being able to do repairs in a timely manner as a result of their not being able to find the right parts. They don't make the parts anymore and they have to use parts that don't fit properly, per the repair guy. All of this was brought to the attention of Lane and the owners of Furniture and Appliancemart. They all refused to take them back under any terms. We are currently dealing with a repair that has taken 11 months.

We found out that we were never given the proper information for the extended warranty when we called for service. The company had no record of us, or our warranty number that is on our receipt. That caused a delay in getting them the information because we were scrambling around for days trying to find out what our warranty number was. When we heard back from the Furniture and Appliancemart, we were given the same number that we have on our receipt. But the only difference was, the extended warranty company now recognized the warranty number. That just tells us that they just received our information. Well, because of the delay and our not having instructions on how to use the extended warranty, the service was denied!

What more could go wrong? Now, the Furniture and Appliancemart have told us they will deal with this repair this one time. It might seem nice of them, but they are the ones that screwed up in the first place. They should never have sold a piece of furniture that was no longer being made without the buyer knowing it. And it should have been sold 'as is', with no extended warranty coverage...because it is useless if they can't find the parts. They also failed to give us the information on how to use our extended warranty. They also failed to register our extended warranty with the extended warranty company.

Ironically, the extended warranty company, Guardsman, told me in an email that if we had jumped on it, it would be covered because that would be an accident. But since the mechanism broke when it was being operated normally, it wouldn't be covered. It has to be an 'accident'. I am confused. When anything breaks, it is an accidental break. Right? Unless, let's say, you jump on it. Wouldn't that be intentional? One can only make conjectures about the motives behind this irrational explanation for declining service.

I wouldn't buy anything mechanical made by Lane or anything sold by Furniture and Appliancemart. I wouldn't ever want Guardsman for an extended warranty company. They don't care about customers and twist everything to suit themselves.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Placentia, California, United States #842483

I am experiencing this same "wonderful " service :( it has been 18 months trying to get the same issue fixed correctly. Each time it is a minimum 3 months before the bandaid is applied, but the issue not fixed.

No luck on a refund because it is past the first 90 days of purchase.

Received the wrong part, again, after a two month wait for the part. I just want what I paid for!

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