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Our 'premium leather recliners are flaking? What gives? We bought these with intention that we were buying 'premium leather' that was stated on the brochure attached to the chairs, what a joke. We had two Lz- boy leather recliners that never flaked after twelve years. We were duped by Lane and Nebraska Furniture Mart. We tried to get help and were told that the leather is guaranteed a year. What does that guaranty cover in the first year? ... Read more

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I purchased two high leg recliners for my tv room. Within a year metal parts broke off and very soon the springs could very easily and uncomfortably be felt thru the seat. Next the springs completely collapsed on one chair and the other is sagging badly. These chairs were not subjected to heavy weights -- mine is a single person household and I weigh around 140 lbs additionally, the chairs were rotated every few months. I have been left with... Read more

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My Lane recliner came with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the "black metal parts of the reclining mechanism." The mechanism is "warranted to be free of defect in materials and workmanship as long as you, the original consumer, own the furniture." Now, one of the black metal parts in the mechanism has snapped in half, and Lane won't make good. They're claiming that the warranty is invalid because they went through bankruptcy proceedings a few... Read more

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Lane Furniture - Carboard used in arm support
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My arm on my sofa recliner caved in, so I seam ripped open the material to see if I could fix it, but I found that the top of the arm was CARDBOARD. I contacted Lane and after a long wait heard back requesting information (like a serial number and a receipt) Who ever know there was a serial number on a sofa? Anyway, I told them they shouldn't need a receipt as you can plainly see the lining handily has their name plastered all over it. Looking... Read more

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Material flaking. Company non responsive. Lane furniture used to be good. Now its corporate and is the worst. DO NOT BUY LANE.

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Need someone to do repair work on recliner. My phone # is 3366690623 or e- mail Please advise!

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Big man's recliner - the fabric started flaking off big time after two and half years . No warranty they say. We are just two senior citizens living in this house so no heavy wear and tear. Then Two main bolts in the frame snapped after three years making it unusable. That alone was dangerous for an older person. The company would have sent me new bolts. How does that help after paying $550 for a chair? The Lane web site states that they... Read more

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I bought a Lane extra long sofa with reclining ends and was told that it had a lifetime warranty. I have had it for 8 years. 4 years ago it started falling apart. The stitching has come undone, the springs are broke, and the one recliner does not want to close. I thought that maybe you get the quality that you pay for? Not true!! I contacted Lane when the couch first started coming apart and was told the "lifetime" warranty was no longer... Read more

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Lane Furniture - Bad Quality and company does not back up their product
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I purchased a love seat made with a faux leather. I understood when I purchased this is would not wear as well as leather but after a few months one cushion started to wear. I contacted the company who requested my original receipt. I responded to their email that I had moved recently and could no longer find it. I contacted my credit card company who in turn contacted the store where I purchased it and they did not respond. After 2 months with... Read more

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I bought a Lane couch and 2 rocker recliners in 1992, the springs on the couch just broke, the chairs are still in beautiful shape! These have been used so much, through 4 kids and a lot of abuse! I am amazed the couch lasted this long! I had to go looking for a replacement couch, nothing comes close to the quality I had with my lane couch, super soft and so comfy! If I could find a store nearby that carried Lane I would sure buy another but all... Read more

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